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I was just informed that I’m on both of these playlists and am trending on spotify. Between the two playlists, there are over 600,000 followers. I have no words. To be grouped in with some of my biggest inspirations (Damien Rice, Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, Joshua Radin, Ray LaMontagne) is beyond surreal. Just ecstatic right now. Much love.
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when the artist u hate releases a catchy song


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Doing some of my apartment shopping on eBay/amazon

Maybe I should make a wishlist so y’all could help me afford some of this. I really don’t want my mama to dish out so much money just to get me basics like plates and utensils and curtains and dining room furniture :/

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Went out to a lunch meeting today to discuss my future judo school. One that I’ll be the head instructor. The same one that is starting in a month. The same one that is gonna be my job during college. Imagine paying rent with judo. Shit gets me a hard on.
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Sex swim team

#tbt to the sexy swim party
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“‘Q.U.E.E.N.’ definitely is an acronym,” Monae explains during an interview at Fuse HQ. “It’s for those who are marginalized.” She says the “Q” represents the queer community, the “U” for the untouchables, the “E” for emigrants, the second “E” for the excommunicated and the “N” for those labeled as negroid.

"It’s for everyone who’s felt ostracized," she adds. "I wanted to create something for people who feel like they want to give up because they’re not accepted by society." (via purposefulthoughts)

I’m having a moment sorry not sorry

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Graffiti art in the Dominican Republic by Gabriel Abreu.
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